Chuck Barman

                                                                   for Senate


"We the People..."


Ibelieve government should work for the people, not against them.  I see the people's disgust with the 3rd-grade antics so prevalient in today's political climate.  I see the people's mistrust with the political deceit, lying, and back-room deals which only result in higher taxes and monetary squandering.  I see the barage of dis-information from news and social media which constantly attacks family values of hard-working Americans. 

Quite frankly, I'm tired of it.  As a man who grew up and works with you in the very trenches of everyday life, I am asking for your support to elect me as Senator.  

I am the hard-working neighbor whom you can call on when in need.  I am the God-fearing man who believes in strong family values.  I am the law-abiding citizen who respects the Constitution and all its amendments.  I am the man who supports law enforcement across the local, state, and national level.

I am your voice.


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