the History of Immigration

This entire country was built by immigrants. Law abiding people striving for a better way of life offering their talents to build a great country...


Illegal Immigration ain't free

"American taxpayers spend over $84 billion dollars annually to subsidize illegal immigration."


the Cold Civil War

'In the Washington Post, Paul Horner remarked that Trump’s, “supporters were under the belief that people were getting paid to protest at their rallies, and that’s just insane.” Perhaps the Washington Post and New York Times were unaware that two top Democratic strategists were on video discussing voter fraud and planting paid agitators at campaign events for Donald Trump.'


all about the Skill Set

"Wisconsin faces a worker quantity challenge. The number of retiring Baby Boomers nearly match the influx of new workers, resulting in a slow growing workforce and placing constraints on the ability by employers across all industries to hire talent."


Farmland Flooding - it's a problem

In Burlington, in Racine County, the Fox River climbed some 5 feet above flood stage on July 13. In all, about 675 homes sustained significant damage in the three counties and losses to public facilities totaled $4.4 million, according to a report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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